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If you have old slides or film negatives, perhaps lost your original copy of a photograph, or maybe you would like a copy of some of your favourite slides transferred onto print, then look no further.

At Tec2k we can re-print a photograph for you from slides or negatives or perhaps one of your photos have faded over time, then let us enhance it for you, also if you have some photographs with something on (or someone) we can remove unwanted items from your favourite photos.

If you have a business and do presentations using a projector and slides, then you may be thinking of transferring them to CD or DVD, this makes presentations far easier using your laptop and power point, why carry round a briefcase full of slides when you can put them all on a CD or DVD.

Have a little fun with the two pictures above, we have added and removed items, place your mouse on the pictures to move them around.

This gives you an idea what can be done with your own photographs. We can also put your photos on to DVD so you can watch them on your television.

If you have liked what you have seen please click on the contacts list and give us a ring or e-mail us with your requirements.


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