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Audio and Video

  • Transfer your old LP records.

  • Transfer your old cassettes .

  • Transfer your old reel to reel tapes.

Do you have lots of old cherished records, tapes or cassettes and nothing to play them on, or are the records badly scratched. No problem at Tec2k we can restore all your old collection and digitally enhance the sound, after we clean the audio, we will put your music on to a C D (prices start from just £5.00 for the first cd)

computer disply of digital audio transfer

Computer display of digital audio conversion

Below are demonstration audio samples of before, and after digital transfer. (you will notice that the clicks and pops have been reduced and the audio quality is superior on the cd, it also removes hiss when converting from tape, or cassettes.

Listen to the audio quality from the record, you will notice crackle's and pops if you turn your treble control up.

When the record is transfered to Audio cd the quality is far superior(please be aware that not all scratches can be removed if the LP is badly damaged but it will be much better)

Bring your old collection back to life.

Now listen to the new Digital CD.

Do you have old film or video recordings
Would you like to transfer them on to a CD or DVD

If you have old video recordings or footage from an old camcorder you may or may not be aware that after time the recordings will begin to fade and eventually you may not be able to play them at all, this is because magnetic tape that is used to record from these devices looses itís magnetism over the years.

So if you have precious memories like a wedding or christening, holiday, Christmas, in fact any occasion
donít wait until itís too late. At tec2k we will transfer your old recordings using our latest and most up to date video technology edit it if you require and then transfer them on to CD or DVD that way you will never loose those golden captured moments and keep them for life.

Prices start from as little as £10 per video for a standard copy. Please e mail or telephone to discuss your requirements.


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